Residential Transactions

Residential Purchase

  • The procedure of buying residential real estate can be daunting, especially for first-timers. The Rivero Law Firm can help you securely navigate the intricacies of purchasing and selling your next residential property. Like each family, every home purchase is unique and comes with its own set of considerations and our attorneys will make sure to work with you to assist you every step of the way:
      • Purchase Offer
      • Contract and Contingencies
      • Seller Disclosure Review
        • Title report
        • City reports
        • Flood maps
        • Flaws/ issues, etc
      • Appraisal
      • Loan Approval
      • Final Walk-through
      • Reviewing closing statement
      • Closing
  • Moreover, as an active and diligent partner, we also provide the necessary services once you make your purchase:
      • Litigation
      • Refinancing
  • Residential Sale

  • For most people, their home is their greatest asset, making its sale one of the most significant financial transactions they will make. It is imperative that you protect yourself throughout every stage of the process and that you have someone with thirty five years experience in New Jersey real estate law by your side and ensuring that you can walk away from a successful sale satisfied. Contact the Rivero Law Firm to safeguard your interests and have a trusted attorney guide you through any and every step of the sale, from drafting to title closing.
  • Commercial Transactions

    Commercial Purchase

  • Buying commercial real estate can be one of the most financially rewarding investments you can make. It can also be an extremely complicated process, no matter if it is the first or fifth time you are going through it. The Rivero Law Firm provides the expertise necessary to avoid the potential pitfalls and maximize the rewards for you and your business. We will assist you with every aspect, including but not limited to:
    • Examining title to the property
      • Examining the best title for the client
      • Identifying and resolving title issues
    • Negotiating the transaction
    • Drafting the documentation
    • Closings
    • Attorneys at Rivero Law also provide services connected to such acquisitions:
      • Leasing
      • Refinancing
  • Commercial Sale

  • Selling commercial property is a more nuanced process than selling residential property, and the buyers in this space are traditionally more sophisticated. This makes it all the more important to make sure that you have access to the knowledge of an experienced team of professionals like the Rivero Law Firm to ensure you receive the best return on your investment. Our attorneys are thorough and will work closely to make sure that you have a partner to ensure that your contract is both fair and rewarding, and will see you through every step of your sale.

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    Residential Refinancing

    • Refinancing a mortgage is not a decision made lightly, and whether it be to give your family a bit more financial flexibility, negotiate the terms of an old, bad mortgage, or to avoid foreclosure, you want thirty five years of experience advising you every step of the way. The attorneys at The Rivero Law Firm will assess the best course of action for you based on what you and your family’s needs are. Once we have chosen the best strategy to achieve your goals, you can be assured that you will have a dedicated and knowledgeable guide.
        • Reduce your term
        • Adjustable to a fixed rate mortgage
        • Convert loan
        • Remove mortgage insurance
        • Take cash out
        • Consolidate debt
        • Home improvements
        • Investments

    Commercial Refinancing

  • You want to give your business every advantage to succeed. Sometimes that means refinancing your real estate investment - be it to reduce debt strain, extend your term to give you some breathing room, or maybe using your property’s equity to achieve other business goals. At The Rivero Law Firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand our client’s needs and create the best course of action to fulfill those needs, so let us help you grow and secure your business.

    Landloard Tenant Law

    Tenant Rights

  • Under federal, state, and local law, tenants have certain inalienable rights. In order to protect these rights, it is crucial that the tenant understand what, exactly, they are. As a firm that has been serving Hudson County for thirty five years, the Rivero Law Firm not only understands what a tenant is entitled to but also has the necessary experience to make sure that they can prove your case. Protect the rights of yourself and your family and contact one of our attorneys today.
    • Right against Discrimination
    • Right to a habitable premises
    • Right to privacy
  • Landlord Rights

  • Being a landlord can be financially rewarding, but can also open you up to plenty of potential liability if you are not vigilant. Because Landlord-Tenant Law is complicated, it is vital to protect your investment by consulting an attorney who can guide you around the common pitfalls that plague many landlords.  The Rivero Law Firm is experienced and able to foresee possible future complications. No matter the size of your building or the number of tenants you have, we can ensure that whatever issue you may have will be solved in an efficient and satisfactory manner.
    • Lease termination
    • Eviction
    • Compliance with Fair Housing Laws
  • Eviction


    • Facing the prospect of losing your home is an extremely challenging thing for a person, but know that you do not have to go through it alone. There are a number of laws that provide protections for you, and The Rivero Law Firm will utilize any and all defenses to an eviction action to make sure that you and your family can remain under your roof.


    • Eviction is an unfortunate reality for many landlords, and, if not handled correctly, can quickly become a source of legal and financial problems. Have the qualified attorneys at the Rivero Law Firm guide you through the nuanced steps and procedures of New Jersey landlord tenancy law. We will prevent you from committing the mistakes that could result in future legal complications and safeguard your property and investment. Our goal is to achieve the desired end as quickly and painlessly as possible so that you can rest easy that you and your investment are protected.

    Rental and Lease Agreements


    • As the document governing the terms of tenancy between landlord and tenant, the lease is a significant agreement that should not be taken lightly. However, all too often, it takes an issue for landlords and tenants to have their lease drafted or reviewed by an attorney. Do not leave yourself or your property open to being taken advantage of; contact the Rivero Law Firm to protect your interests and rights by having an experienced attorney draft your lease or review a current agreement.


    • As a business owner, you want to give your business every opportunity to flourish. When looking to enter into a commercial lease agreement, be sure to employ a diligent attorney to guide you through the complicated language.  We will protect your interests in the event of a future complication. The Rivero Law Firm will take the time to learn the facts of your situation and will work to make sure you and your business get the best possible deal.

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